Attic & Wall Insulation Installation

When the temperatures rise with the heat of summer or fall with the bitter winter air, your heating and cooling systems are working overtime when subpar insulation is involved. With the increasing cost of energy, it’s imperative that your home is well-insulated to remain at its most efficient. Whether replacing inefficient and older insulation or installing new, Armor Roofing will provide you with highest quality options to ensure your energy bills remain low.

At Armor Roofing, we offer the services to adequately insulate your newly constructed or older Nashville home. We understand your time is valuable and will be happy to do an at-home visit to provide you with a detailed report regarding the efficiency of your home’s insulation. We guarantee to offer the best and most cost-effective options to meet your needs

Armor Roofing offers the following attic and wall insulation options:

  • AttiCat® Loosefill Insulation –  A method of insulating your home’s attic, loose fill insulation is an alternative to laying rolls. Loosefill insulation is installed using a special blowing machine filled with expanding fiberglass insulation that is “fluffed”along the length of the hose. This method creates millions of air pockets within the fiberglass creating effective, long lasting insulating power. Loosefill insulation does not settle over time, resulting in a high level of efficiency for years to come.
  • Standard Blow-in Fiberglass Insulation – a standard method of blowing larger pieces of fiberglass insulation that adequately fills in the smaller spaces that rolls of insulation can miss
  • Radiant Heat Barrier

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